With a reputation for cutting edge techniques and unwavering integrity in our work, Rose Acquisitions has earned the privilege of working with some of the largest telecom, waste removal, energy companies and retailers in the nation. Our expertise allows these companies to connect with valuable new customers, generating unprecedented revenue growth. We are proud of our interactive approach, and have cultivated the expectation of excellence as a result. We gladly live up to our reputation each day, because it is what our clients deserve. We accept nothing less of ourselves.

Our proven marketing techniques for designing and executing promotions ensures that we effectively reach targeted markets every time.  By joining forces with our portfolio of clients, our marketing experts represent a mix of diverse talent and unique perspectives, each dedicated to implanting exceptional marketing initiatives.  We stand behind bringing our clients guaranteed returns that effectively maximize the return on investment for each represented business.  In addition, we proudly represent major brands and work hard to build positive relationships within the community as an added benefit!

Hands on Approach
Rather than using unsuccessful and inefficient methods, our brand specialists carefully research consumer demographics before designing and executing personalized campaigns. This approach allows you to forge lasting relationships with your customers, leading to increased revenue and an incredible return on your investment. At Rose Acquisitions, we are working around the clock to change the way people advertise. You can no longer rely on indirect, unconventional methods of advertising. We use proven strategies that produce real results. We see that as both a welcome challenge and an extraordinary opportunity, and we have the answers to your obstacles.

Speed in Execution
We value two things in our outreach programs: precision and speed. Within a few weeks, we can plan, organize and launch your next promotion. You will have access to immediate consumer feedback and results.  We believe that much of our success comes from our commitment to professional development. Our team members are motivated and excited to work here because there are unlimited opportunities for growth. With a robust training program and merit-based advancement system, we ensure that our executives excel in their work, which directly impacts your bottom line and drives our results faster.