Our Team

  • Steven Lowen
  • Sarasota Manager
  • Originally raised in New Jersey, Steven has developed a unique style of perceiving life while traveling extensively throughout the world.  He completed his undergrad at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida with a degree in Psychology.  Steven has also studied Mandarin at the University of Hong Kong and International Affairs at Cape Town University in South Africa.  A frequent traveler, Steven places a strong emphasis on “thinking outside the box.”  He encourages every staff member to take advantage of the travel opportunities made available at Rose Acquisitions and believes adapting to different cultures and ways of life is the key to success in business.
  • Heather Mess
  • HR Manager
  • Growing up just outside of Cincinnati, Heather has cultivated an eagerness to step outside of the small-town comfort-zone and accomplish many things. After being in many leadership roles throughout her career, she has learned that “nothing worth having comes easily”. With a passion to help others, she studied Criminal Justice at a community college in Cincinnati, hoping to one day use her knowledge to assist others in improving themselves. Now, here at Rose Acquisitions she is able to teach back fundamental professional skills to help others become successful.
  • Aaron Avera
  • Louisville Manager
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